Hacker Protection! Online antivirus for your website!

The Online antivirus is designed specifically for Hostia customers to protect their website from potential compromise. The Online antivirus will detect and block dangerous requests to the site!

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As you know, in many, even the most popular content management systems (CMS) sometimes find vulnerabilities, which often allow you to hack the site / send spam e-mails / infect the site with a virus, do anything on your site without having access to hosting.

Therefore, especially for HostYa customers, was developed "Online Antivirus" to protect the site in real time, from possible hacking or virus infection!

"Online Anti-Virus" will independently identify and block dangerous requests to your site!

This prevents hacking through possible vulnerabilities in your engine"s system code!

How do I enable Online antivirus?
By default "Online Antivirus" is disabled!
You can enable "Online Antivirus" in "Control Panel", under "Antivirus

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