Export base
MySQL data

You can export your database (dump the database) to your computer, via PhpMyAdmin. Refer to the instructions below.

Home -> Guide -> Export base MySQL data

Export base MySQL data

To log into PhpMyAdmin you need to use
User data from the database - data you entered when creating the database.
You can export your database (make a database dump) to your computer, via PhpMyAdmin. According to the instructions below.

Fill in the required fields -> OK

1. Select base (left-hand side of drop-down list).
2. Select Export tab.
3. Select "Export Method" (normally Quick).
4. Select "Format" (Normally SQL). Press the "OK" button.

Download file -> OK

5. The system will prompt you to download the file - click "OK" to save the dump database to your computer.


Export successful completed

Save the SQL dump file to your computer.

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