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The public contract defines the service and mutual rights.

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Service contract

The Public Agreement determines the order of services provision as well as mutual rights and obligations between the company "Hostia.Net", hereinafter referred to as "Contractor", and the service user, hereinafter referred to as "Customer", who has accepted the public offer to conclude this Agreement.

On Hosting and Domain

1.1. It is prohibited to publish any materials that contradict the laws of Europe and other nearby countries.

1.2. It is forbidden to send SPAM, posting programs that are designed to spam (in particular IRC). Placing sites which have been advertised using the spamming method.

1.3. Destructive behavior of any kind (which may adversely affect the performance of the hosting in general, the spreading of viruses etc.) is forbidden.

1.3.1. It is forbidden to run untuned resource programs, bot scripts, proxy servers.

1.4. The software installed on the Client's shared hosting must not cause server overload.

CP - CPU time occupied by user scripts. The statistical load (cp) generated by the user's processes on the server's processors per day is not allowed to be exceeded by more than: 55cp minutes for PHP execution, or 1000cp seconds for MySQL server, on Os1, Hostia-1 plans, SSD 5 GB. 65cp minutes for PHP execution, or 1000cp seconds for MySQL server, on Os2, 2015 plans, Hostia-5, SSD 10 GB. 85cp minutes for PHP execution, or 1500cp seconds for MySQL server, on Os3, Hostia-10 plans, 15 GB SSD. 120cp minutes for PHP execution, or 2000cp seconds for MySQL server, on Os4, Hostia-30 plans, SSD 30 GB. 150cp minutes for PHP execution, or 2500cp seconds for MySQL server, on Os5, Hostia-50, SSD 50 GB.

1.4.1. It is prohibited to run more than 25 simultaneously running user processes on any hosting plan. If the limit is exceeded, the account may be automatically suspended without warning while the cause is being investigated.

1.4.2. When the allowable load on the account's server is exceeded: If the excess is not critical, a notification will be sent to reduce the load on the server. If the allowable load is exceeded critically - automatic blocking of access until the cause is identified and load is reduced. If the server load cannot be reduced, the Provider reserves the right to refuse to provide the Service to the Customer.

1.5. It is forbidden to use scripts downloading files from file sharing sites (Rapida, DepositFiles Torrent, etc.). Creating file sharing from your hosting account or mass distribution of files from hosting.

1.6. It is forbidden to post pornographic resources, child pornography or any other type of pornography for adults.

1.7. In case of violation of copyright and/or related rights, fraud, fake, phishing on your account. The account is blocked without warning until the reasons are clarified.

1.8. It is forbidden to place materials that are protected by copyright without permission of the copyright holder, as well as the use and distribution of materials that contribute to such violations (including crack, warez, torrent-trackers, sites with movies, online movie theatres and similar).

1.9. It is forbidden to use the server to create a proxy server. The account is blocked without warning.

1.10. Hacking sites or forums are not allowed (hacking software, sale of cracked accounts, credit card numbers or other illegal content).

1.11. It is forbidden to host so-called "dorwebs" and other forms of search engine spam, mass redirects or short link services.

1.12. Investment projects, HYIPs, pyramid schemes, peer-to-peer funds, mmm, mlm, gambling sites, casinos, betting sites, lotteries, gambling sites and the like are prohibited for placement/distribution

1.13. It is forbidden to host/distribute websites whose purpose is the hidden or overt sale of pharmaceutical products, as well as the sale of plant seeds.

1.14. Websites containing calls or propaganda for military actions, actions against the law and order, websites containing slander or insult of third parties, and containing information of an extremist nature are prohibited.

Rights and Obligations parties

2.1. By this agreement, the contractor undertakes to put the user's website on the internet at a specific rate and the user undertakes to accept and pay for these services.

2.2 The contractor is not responsible for the content on the client's website. The client is solely responsible for the distribution of the material by means of the services provided to him.

2.3. Failure to pay on time may result in termination of services.

2.4. The Provider shall return the payment received for Hosting services at the user's request, at any time of the service period. If the registration of the order was through an affiliate link, affiliate interest is deducted from the refund amount (30% affiliate link)

2.5. It is not possible to refund money spent on domain name registration. It is not possible to change the domain name after registration.

2.6. If the account has been blocked due to a breach of contract, no refund will be possible.

2.7. The Contractor, shall not compensate for any loss of the client, under any circumstances, unless the initiative to return or compensate comes from the Contractor.

2.8. Violation of generally accepted rules of conduct on hosting by the client may result in termination of hosting services.

2.9. For exceeding the disk quota allowed to the user according to the tariff plan. Executor, sends a warning about exceeding, after the warning Customer within 24 hours should change his tariff plan or free up disk space to the allowable.

2.10. There are restrictions on sending emails on your account - no more than 300 emails per day (Spamming is strictly prohibited!). On request at tariff plans above the minimum, restrictions on sending emails can be increased.

2.10.1. After registering your hosting account, a maximum 3 emails per day will be set. After 24 hours, on the 2nd day the limit is increased to 10 emails per day. On the 3rd day distribution limit is increased to 40 emails per day. On the 9th day the limit is increased to 300 mails per day

2.11. A reverse tariff plan change (from higher to lower) or recalculation of the billing account balance costs 1 USD.

2.12. For breach of this contract, if the Contractor allows. To reinstate the work, the Customer must pay a fine, ranging from 2 to 50 USD.

2.13. If necessary, the Contractor shall be entitled to demand that the Client produce documents that certify his identity.

2.14. Entering/using false owner or postal address data may result in blocking the services provided and making it impossible to refund the prepayment.

2.15. The parties to the contract have reached agreement on all essential terms.

2.16. The answer to the secret question, the field specified in the billing panel, can only be restored to the WMID from which the first payment for services was made.

2.17. The minimum renewal period for hosting services is 1 full calendar month.

2.18. A fee may be charged for the selected payment method, from 0.5% to ~14%. This fee is charged by the payment partner.

2.19. The Service Provider reserves the right not to support the Customer (up to the denial of the Service) if the Customer uses inappropriate language or is rude to the Service Provider

2.20. The Contractor has the right to amend and update the details of this Service Agreement.

2.21. Charter form for the rights and obligations of domain registrants

2.22. The customer consents to the collection and processing of personal data in accordance with the terms of personal data protection (privacy policy) set out at https://Hostia.Net/privacy-policy.html

Partner programme

3.0. Clients attracted by the Partner are accounted only in case if the Partner's client clicked on the Partner's link during registration or indicated the Partner's ID or login for bonus crediting in the order comments

3.1 Partner commission is charged to the partner as a percentage (30%) of the hosting order made and paid for within the current session by the client.

3.2 It is forbidden to advertise affiliate links in search engines, using keywords related to the Hostia.Net brand. (For example keywords such as: "Hostia", "Hostia.Net", "hosting and me" and others.

3.3. It is forbidden to promote our links, banners, forums/sites with hacker or fraudulent content, gambling, investment projects or pornographic content.

3.4. It is forbidden to promote an affiliate link using SPAM or website surfing.

3.5. The following services do not participate in the partner program: dedicated server, domain registration or additional services. Interest is charged only on hosting or reselling services.

3.6. Affiliate interest for the renewal of a registrant's services is not credited.

3.7. If the ip address of the partner and the registered new client match, the bonus will not be credited.

3.8. The cookie retention period for an affiliate link is thirty (30) days. If you click again, this period will be extended for another 30 days.

3.9. The minimum withdrawal amount is 3 USD (can also be spent to renew hosting services)

3.10. For each order you will be charged 30% of the hosting order amount (considering point 3.4.)

3.11. The maximum amount that can be credited to a partner for a service order is $50.

3.12. The contractor will make payments to partners, if a payment is ordered, within 24 hours (due to the moneyback option the payment can be made within 10 days).

Optional services

3.91. A Free Website Migration from Another Hosting" request can be submitted by our support team within seven (7) days of ordering hosting.

3.92. The Free Website Migration from Another Hosting" request cannot be completed for free by our support team if the request is to migrate accounts/sites between Hosting Hosting servers/accounts.

3.93. If you order "Free Website Transfer from Another Hosting" service to Hostia.Net hosting, support team will do the transfer of up to 5 websites to Hostia.Net hosting for free. More than 5 sites, the service transfer of each site is paid separately, at the cost of 5 sites = 2 USD.

3.94. The service "Registration of the site in 10,000 directories" is performed from 3(three) to 30(thirty) days as requests are received.

3.95. The "Dedicated hosting ip address" service is assigned to a hosting account within 1(one) to 3(three) days after payment.

3.96. The service "Site/Account Virus Cleaning" is performed by Hostivision staff within 1 (one) to 5 (five) days. Virus cleaning does not guarantee that there will be no reinfection in the future.

3.97. The service "Site/Account Virus Cleanup" assumes that the found/known viruses and shell scripts are removed and does not remove a possible vulnerability on the website through which the infection occurred.

3.98. When domain is deleted from billing panel for non-payment. Domain Restore" service in the billing panel or at the domain registrar, costs from 4.99 USD to 90 USD. The price depends on the domain zone

3.99. Restoring a hosting account from backups (files and databases), if this is possible and more than 60 days have passed since the end of the paid period, is done manually from the old archives by the support team upon user request. The cost of the service is 10 USD.

On server or VDS

4.1 Installation of a VDS or dedicated server takes from 1 to 96 hours, after payment.

4.2 Installation of the control panel on the vds or server is performed within 1 to 24 hours, after server installation.


5.1. Publication of any material contrary to the laws of Europe and other nearby countries is prohibited.

5.2. It is prohibited to post copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright holder.

5.3. It is forbidden to store/distribute viruses, spyware, malware and other malicious software.

5.4. It is forbidden to post pornography of any kind, crackers, key generators, etc.

5.5. No phishing, any kind of spam, fraud, pyramid schemes.

5.6. IRC and similar programs (including psybnc, 'bots', etc.), open proxy.

5.7. If necessary, the Contractor shall be entitled to demand that the Client produce documents that certify his identity.

5.8. Entering/using false owner or postal address information can lead to blocking the services provided and making it impossible to refund the prepayment.

5.9. Investment projects, HYIPs, pyramid schemes, self-help groups, mmm, mlm, etc.) are forbidden

5.10. If the traffic on the dedicated server exceeds 10 TB per month, the server connection port to the internet is changed to 10mb / second.

Prices and payment procedure

6.1. Failure to pay for vds or dedicated server services on time may result in termination of services. With 0 days remaining the server is disconnected for non-payment, the next day after disconnection, within -1 day, the server can be cleared from the customer's data and transferred to another customer.

6.2. Refunds for vds or dedicated server are not possible.

6.3 Server reactivation, after server blocking for non-payment with negative term or violation of service provision agreement, is paid separately, reactivation cost from 10 to 75 USD.

Responsibility Party

7.1. The contractor shall not be liable to the client or third parties for any delays, interruptions, damage or losses.

7.2. The contractor is not responsible for the content of the information posted by the client.

7.3. The Contractor may, if necessary, demand that the Client produce documents that certify his identity.

7.4. The parties to the contract have reached agreement on all essential terms.


8.1. The contractor installs the OS and control panel, after which the customer receives the data to work with the vds or dedicated server.

8.2. Performer includes only basic administration, update php, apache, mysql, named, ssh, proftpd for free no more than once a month

8.3. Installation or configuration of additional software, advanced consultation, payable as an additional service


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The public contract defines the service and mutual rights.