How to Add MX Recordin DNS?

To add MX records to hosting, follow the steps described below.

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How to Add MX Record in DNS?

You can add, edit and delete A, CNAME, MX, NS and PTR and other DNS records in your hosting.

Below is an example of adding an "MX" record to link your domain's email to a service with the domain "".

Please note!
If the record is being created for the full domain name (as in the example MX 50, a dot must be at the end of the full domain name. If it's not the full domain but a subdomain name, for example, the record is: test MX 50 server, in this case, no dot is added at the end of the subdomain names like test and server.

Select Domain Management -> Manage DNS Records

1. In the "Domain Management" menu, select the "Manage DNS Records" option.

Fill in all fields -> click the "Add" button

2. In the left field, enter your domain or subdomain for which the record is being created. Select the priority of the record from the dropdown list. In the right field, specify the service for which the MX record is being created (in our case, specify the service like with a dot at the end of the full domain name - this is mandatory).
3. Click the "Add" button.

Check the created record in the table

4. If you have done everything correctly, the record will appear in the table.


Your entry created

After creating the MX record, it will start working within 1-12 hours.

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