How to add SRV record?

To add SRV records to hosting, follow the steps described below.

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How to add SRV record?

You can add, edit and delete A, CNAME, MX, NS and PTR and other DNS records in your hosting.

Below is an example of adding an "SRV" record:
**Service**: Specify the service for which the record is created.
For example, "_sip" for a SIP server or "_minecraft" for a Minecraft server.

2. **Protocol**: Specify the protocol used by this service.
For example, "_tcp" or "_udp".

3. **Name**: Specify the name to which the service will be bound.
For example, if you want the SIP server to be accessible by the name "," specify "sip."

4. **Priority**: Set the priority for this record.
This is a number from 0 to 65535, where a lower value indicates a higher priority.

5. **Weight**: Specify the record's weight.
This is also a number from 0 to 65535 and is used for load balancing among records with the same priority.

6. **Port**: Specify the port on which the service is running.

7. **Target**: Specify the target domain or IP address to which this record should be directed.

for the _minecraft service, port 26459, protocol tcp, priority .

Example of a UDP record with a domain: SRV 0 5 26459

Example of a TCP record with an IP: SRV 0 5 26459

A period at the end is mandatory!

Select domain management -> Manage DNS records

1. In the "Domain Management" menu, select the "Manage DNS Records" sub-menu.

Fill in all the fields -> click the "Add" button

2. In the left field, specify the service for which the record is created, protocol, your domain. In the right field, specify the priority, weight of the record, port, and IP address or the full domain name (a period at the end is mandatory for IP or domain).
As an example: SRV 0 5 26459

3. Click the "Add" button.

Check the created record in the table

4. If you have done everything correctly, the SRV record will appear in the table.


Your entry created

After creating the SRV record, it will take effect within 1-4 hours.

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