How to rename domain name?

To change the domain name on your hosting account, follow the steps below, after logging into your hosting panel and managing your domains

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How to rename domain name?

Please note before changing, the new domain must be registered on the Internet, and must point to our NS.

Otherwise, the new domain will not work!

To change the domain name on your hosting account, follow the steps below:

Select -> Domain Management

1. Select "Domain Management" from the menu

Click -> Change domain name

2. Select "Change Domain Name".

Choose domain -> Change hosting domain

3. Select the domain to be changed and enter the new domain.
4. Click on "Change hosting domain".

Message -> Domain successfully created

5. If you have done everything correctly, then the message will appear:


After change domain hosted

Change the NS at the domain registrar to ours (our NS is specified in the hosting activation letter).

After changing the NS, the domain will work within 6-48 hours.

The domain folder will be located under /domains/domain/public_html/, you need to upload your website files in this folder.

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