Support for http2 on the French server

On the France server, http2 support has been added. You can switch to the France server in the control panel, in the Site Hosting Country section.

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On the server in France, support for the http2 protocol has been installed. According to some tests, the http2 protocol speeds up website loading by up to 30%. By using just one TCP connection, all files on the page are loaded.

You can switch to the France server in your web-hosting control panel under Location country.

The HTTP/2 protocol was developed to speed up the visual loading of your website as much as possible. This is achieved by loading all elements on the page, over a single TCP connection. Whereas normal HTTP/1.1 establishes a separate connection for each element on the page.

Note that the HTTP/2 protocol only works for secure connections. To make your website work with the HTTP/2 protocol, you must first enable a secure certificate in your web hosting control panel.

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