The hosting plan is New Year"s Eve!

New website hosting plan, New Year!

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Promotional tariff plan "New Year"
190 MB hosting disk, for $1.9!

The price includes:
Support for php, mysql, zend, ssi, ftp, wap, .htaccess, phpmyadmin, webmail
Hosting resources (traffic, mysql, domains, subdomains, e-mail) are unlimited.

When ordering site hosting for 9 months, a 5% discount is provided!
When ordering website hosting for 12 months, a 10% discount is provided!
The tariff plan remains valid even after the end of the Promotions.
You can order New Year"s tariff plan in the billing panel.

Tariff plan New Year
Only available to order from December 26 to January 31.
The minimum order for the tariff is 3 months.
From January 31, at the end of the Promotions, all customers who have the New Year tariff plan selected will be able to work on it, change and renew it for an unlimited period.
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