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Which website hosting should I choose - paid or free?

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Paid or free hosting?

Choosing site hosting , many, seeking to save money, pay attention primarily to free hosting. In some cases, it is really appropriate. However, such an alternative to paid website hosting is not always appropriate, and now you will find out why.

Cons of free hosting:
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Free website hosting cannot always guarantee uninterrupted translation of the project on the network;


When ordering such services, the client, as a rule, does not get the opportunity to manage hosting settings;


The technical support service also leaves much to be desired, which, unlike reliable paid hosting, does not work around the clock;


No additional services offered. For example, the following services can only be obtained on good paid hosting services: creating mailboxes, anti-flood and anti-spam protection, database access, special software for accessing and managing a site, the ability to create third-level domains, register second-level domains, and also places to store files on the server;

Free website hosting is only nominally free. In fact, this is the same paid hosting, where payment for the use of various services is carried out by providing space on the pages of the hosted site for advertising banners;

So, we have considered the advantages of paid hosting for hosting sites . Having weighed all of the above, I still want to note that free hosting is good for a not very important and small project. Another option for the relevance of such hosting is a test of the quality of the services provided. In all other cases, it is wiser, more economical, hopefully, safer and more promising to prefer paid website hosting.

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