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Types of hosting

Hosting is a service that provides a place to place physical information on a server. It is impossible to create a working website without it.

Hosting types

The following types of hosting can be distinguished:


Virtual Internet hosting is the simplest, most common and cheapest option. You can host multiple sites on the web server media. The number of gigabytes allocated for your data depends on the tariff.


Virtual Dedicated Server. In this case, an individual conditional server is created for each group of web pages. You get full surveillance and information management and your IP address. The cost depends on the connected functions and varies over a wide range.


Dedicated server. Each group of web pages corresponds to a physical server. The main advantage is the lack of workload from other users. The disadvantage is the high cost.


Colocation involves the installation of its equipment on the territory of the host instead of connecting to the network.

Company Hostia provides a full range of Internet services: providing php-enabled hosting with different tariff plans. You can get acquainted with the cost and consult with the specialists of the company.

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