When booking website hosting, don't forget to ask

When ordering website hosting, don't forget to ask the web hosting service!

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When ordering website hosting, ask

You are familiar with the statement “choosing a good website hosting error-free the first time is almost impossible” and many who agree. But still, "God saves the safe." Therefore, before paying for site hosting, it will never be superfluous to find out some important nuances.

Example questions:


What is the working time of FTP accesses,
is there WEB-FTP working through the browser?


How many sites are on the server, where will your site be placed? How stable and uninterrupted is the hardware supporting it?


Does your provider broadcast illegal sites and will your site be placed on the same server with them?


Is it possible to install a mailing service on the hosted site? What are the posting restrictions?


Can the client change
password for access to the hosting account?


How long will it take to get access to the hosting account after paying for hosting sites?


It would not be superfluous to ask about the term of the hoster's work on the market of similar services, recommendations, as well as a preliminary acquaintance with the text of the contract for the provision of site hosting.

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