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Instructions for ordering website hosting and domain. How to buy a hosting and domain.

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It is very easy to buy hosting and domain!

Choose a hosting plan and free domain on our website

Find a cheap hosting plan
Choose a low cost hosting plan depending on the size of the drive and the number of domains you require.
Pick a beautiful memorable domain
Select a beautiful and memorable domain for your website. In the Domains section, you can find a whois check of the domain.
Place an order for hosting and domain
Place an order for hosting and domain on our website, with your chosen hosting plan, and a free domain.
Pay for the order or activate the test
Pay for a hosting order for any term, or activate a free test period of website hosting.
Get access to contact email
After payment, an email with all the details about your hosting will be sent to your contact email address.

Free domain for the website!

If you order hosting for any period, you can get a free domain in zone. You will also be able to connect any of your domains to hosting at a convenient time for you.

  • Free domain in the zone
  • Option to connect your domain

What you need hosting or domain?

No website can be created without using basic services. These are hosting and a domain. Hosting means renting virtual space on a server. It will store basic information necessary for the functioning of a web resource: texts, scripts, video files, images. First you need to register its online address or domain for creating a website, and then order hosting to store the data.

A correctly chosen online address (domain) is considered one of the most important factors for the successful development of a resource. A domain is a kind of a brand which is of key importance for the popularization of the project on the Internet. Therefore, the following should be taken into consideration when choosing a domain name:
The domain should be short and easy to remember.
The name should be related to the topic of the project. It is useful both for future user's and for the search engine.

What you need website hosting

Disk space on which web site files are located, as well as the scripts of hosting user's are executed, is called hosting servers. They ensure the round-the-clock functioning of sites and prevent the impact of malicious attacks. Servers are equipped with powerful processors, complying with modern technological standards. They are connected to the high-speed Internet channel and outfitted with uninterruptible emergency system, in case of power failure. On hosting servers the special software allowing to run the user's scripts and display sites is established.

Hosting companies help website owners to solve different problems. The more content you use to populate your site, the more disk space and server resources you will need to accommodate it.

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Frequently asked questions about purchase of hosting and domain

Frequently asked questions, how to buy hosting and buy a domain for your website