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Advertise your affiliate link and get 30% of EVERY paid hosting order!

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Partner Hostia.Net programme

Cooperation with Hostia.Net is always mutually beneficial and easy! On this page we give a brief list of conditions of our affiliate program for the sale of website hosting services. We invite all webmasters and site owners who are interested in earning on your site to take part in it. It is very easy to make money with Hostia.Net by selling cheap hosting sites services!


Benefits of work with us!

  • We offer attractive low hosting prices from 0.7 EUR!
    It will be easier for you to recommend our hosting.
  • High income percentage of 30%!
    You will receive 30% as soon as you register.
  • Minimum amount to be paid from 2.79 EUR!
    You can order a payout very quickly.
  • Full automation!
    Partner panel to view clicks/orders.
  • We work reliably more 17 years!
    Some partners have earnings ~1860 EUR per month!

Counting your earnings working with Hostia.Net

Hosting rate
Order deadline
To be credited to partner
SSD 50 GB On 24 months 47.5 EUR
SSD 30 GB On 24 months 30.13 EUR
SSD 15 GB On 24 months 12.95 EUR
SSD 10 GB On 24 months 8.64 EUR
SSD 5 GB On 24 months 4.32 EUR
When ordering for any term, the partner will be credited 30% of EVERY paid order of hosting sites

Start earning hosting and domain!

Advertise your affiliate link and get 30% of EVERY paid hosting order!

register as a Hostia.Net client
Register on our service and get your affiliate link.
Recommend Hostia.Net
on websites or forums
Recommend your friends and acquaintances hosting Hostia.Net
Receive reward
From each order placed through your affiliate link, you will be charged 30%.

Frequently asked questions about partner programme

Frequently asked questions from user's about the Hostia.Net website hosting affiliate program