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Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQ

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Is it allowed to advertise the site using the SPAM method?

Spamming is strictly prohibited on the hosting. It is also strictly forbidden to host sites which have been advertised by the SPAM method, such sites are stopped.

Are Warez, torrent, porno allowed to be posted?

Such content is strictly prohibited.

Can my website be visited by an unlimited number of visitors?

Yes, the website traffic is unlimited. There are only load restrictions.

Where can I see the service contract?

You can view the contract at

Do I want to resell my account to someone else?

To renegotiate your hosting contract and owner, contact support for instructions.

How do I transfer a domain and transfer a domain to another person?

Transfer the domain in your billing panel under My Details -> My Domains - "Transfer to other account", after that write to support for domain reissue

How do I transfer a domain to you as registrar?

Contact support and they will write you instructions on how to transfer.

Are investment projects allowed on the hosting service?

Investment projects, hyip, mutual fund and the like are strictly forbidden!

Is there a mailing (sending) limit on the hosting?

There are restrictions (limit) on mailing letters for the entire account, up to 300 letters per day.
On tariff plans higher than HostYA 1 - these limits can be increased in the hosting control panel, in the Settings section.


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