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Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQ

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For how long can I register a domain name?

A domain name in any zone is registered for a minimum of 1 year.

How to register a free domain?

You can register a free domain when you book your hosting account. To check availability, please visit A maximum of one free domain may be registered per hosting account.

How long does it take to register a domain name?

Registration of all domains other than zones .*.ua occurs in auto mode and takes less than a minute. Only in domain zones .*.ua there is a delay in registration, from a few minutes to several hours.

How do I add a Cyrillic domain to my hosting?

To add a Cyrillic domain to hosting, it must be recoded into English. Instructions with illustrations

In whose name do you register a domain?

All domain names are registered to customer data only.

When a domain is not renewed, when will it be deleted?

If you fail to pay the domain renewal fee, the domain will be deactivated on the expiry date. Will be deleted after one month of non-payment.

Registered a domain with you but it is not available?

1) Once a domain has been registered, it must take time for it to get onto the Internet, usually 6-48 hours. Only after 48 hours you can tell that the domain is not available. 2) Make sure that the domain is added to hosting, if not add it consider also point 1, should pass 48 hours after registration of the domain. 3) Check if the hosting NS is correct for the new domain. If hosting is registered with us, NS specified in the letter of activation, as well as in the billing panel under "My Account" -> "Data Server".

How do I change my hosting domain?

Instructions for changing an old domain to a new domain on hosting this new domain must be registered online.

How do I transfer a domain and transfer a domain to another user?

Transfer the domain in your billing panel under My Details -> My Domains - "Transfer to other account", after that write to support for domain reissue

How do I create a subdomain or subdomain?

Instructions are illustrated The subdomain folder is under /domains/domain/public_html/subdomain/ where your script should be uploaded.

How do I transfer my domain to you as a registrar?

Contact support and they will write you instructions on how to transfer.

How do I make two domains work for one site?

You can have multiple domains loaded one site at a time. Instructions are illustrated

How do you park a domain without a website?

In DirectAdmin under "Domain Management" -> "Alias and Pointers," you can park a domain. The restrictions on domain parking are the same as for the number of domains on the hosting.

Created a second domain, where do I upload its files?

The website files must be uploaded to /domains/domain/public_html/.

Has the domain disappeared from the DirectAdmin control panel?

If the domain is missing from the DirectAdmin control panel, recreate it in the "Domain Management" menu, section "Domain Management" -> "Recreate Domain".
Domain files are not deleted during re-creation!

"Did the domain stop working?

Possibly your domain has been disconnected due to non-payment, check the due date in billing under My Data -> My Domains.

How do I change my DNS domain?

In billing under My Data -> My Domains -> Manage DNS (button), you can change DNS domain.

Paid to register a domain, but the domain is not registered, the task is hanging in the billing?

If the domain is in the .*.ua zone: It is necessary to wait for the manual processing of the application, within a few hours. If the domain is in any other zone: You probably filled in the data for domain registration incorrectly. In billing under My Data -> My Domains -> Change Contact Details< /u> (button). You can check if the registration data is correct. After a while the billing department will notify you of the reason for not registering a domain or register the domain manually.

What are your DNS servers for the domain?

NS servers are all different. The NS server and all other access details are stated in the hosting activation letter.

How to change NS on domains in *.ua zones ?

You will need to contact the helpdesk and ask them to change the NS or give you access to the domain control panel.


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