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Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQ

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How do you feel about SPAM?

Spam is not allowed on our server. Every spam complaint is dealt with. If SPAM does occur the spammer's account will be blocked immediately.

Your mail servers to run your mail?

Use POP3 and SMTP server to configure your mail program:. POP3: mail.yourDomain SMTP: mail.yourDomain.

Forgot your mailbox password? How do I change my password?

Change your mailbox password, you can do so in DirectAdmin, under "Mail Management" -> "Mailboxes", there is a link to change the password next to the mailbox.

How do I create a mailbox?

Illustrated instructions on how to create a mailbox once created you will see the authorisation details for the SMTP and POP connections.

Is there a Web interface for dealing with mail?

Yes, in DirectAdmin you can find links to Webmail in the Mail category. As well as webmail available via your domain, http://домен/roundcube/

What kind of box is the

This is a system mailbox and is not recommended for mail handling. How to create your own mailbox

Are there restrictions on creating mailboxes?

There are no restrictions, you can create an unlimited number of mailboxes.

Are there any restrictions on sending letters?

There are restrictions (limit) on mailing letters for the entire account, up to 300 letters per day.
On tariff plans higher than HostYA 1 - these limits can be increased in the hosting control panel, in the Settings section.

Is sending emails via PHP mail() allowed?

Yes, it is allowed.

How do I set up an email programme?

Instructions in the illustration for setting up mail for The Bat email program This is roughly the same for other email programs. Be sure to enable STMP authentication to send emails.

Is there an AntiSpam on the hosting?

Yes, there is, instructions on how to set it up and enable it


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