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Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQ

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Is Safe Mode on or off?

In order not to interfere with the operation of the scripts Safe Mode=off, is switched off. Safe_mod can be switched on for security, contact support for this.

How do I change the PHP.INI parameters?

You can change the basic functions in DirectAdmin - "PHP.INI settings. Illustrated instructions

Is there a limit to the execution of php scripts? If so, how many?

Yes, 300 seconds.

Do you provide SSH access?

No. For the safety of our clients, shell access is prohibited.

Do you support SSI?

Yes. SSI works in files with .shtml, .html, .htm extensions.

What is the path on the server to my script?

The correct path is /home/LOGIN/domains/DOMAIN/public_html LOGIN, DOMAIN - replace with your data!

How to enable Register_globals ?

You can enable global variables (register_globals) and most other functions in DirectAdmin under 'Setup PHP.INI'.

How do I allow php code to run in html files?

Create a .htaccess file. Write in the file: AddHandler x-httpd-php5 .html

Can't log into PhpMyAdmin?

To log into PhpMyAdmin, use your username and password for the database you have created.

What does it mean: Error, 500 Internal Server Error?

Check your script's .htaccess file. There's probably a syntax error in it.

What rights should be set on files and folders?

Regular rights:

Is the password to log in not correct? Or, have I forgotten my password?

You can reset your password by going to

How do I turn off Magic_quotes_gpc ?

You can disable Magic_quotes_gpc and some other features in DirectAdmin under "Setting up PHP.INI". Illustrated instructions

How do I change access rights to a file or folder?

You can change the permissions of a file or folder in the DirectAdmin web hosting control panel, under "File Manager" select the file or folder for which you wish to change the permissions, set the desired permissions and click on "Set Permissions". Illustrated instructions on how to change permissions in DirectAdmin

Sets error not installed Mod_rewrite?

Mod_rewrite is installed on the hosting, your script may not properly check the mod_rewrite installation.

Does your hosting service support PHP 5.3?

Yes, it does, you can change the version to PHP 5.3 in DirectAdmn under "PHP.INI settings".

How do I unpack the archive ?

Only .zip, tar.gz archives can be unpacked in DirectAdmin, instructions with pictures

Did I accidentally delete all folders on the hosting?

If you have deleted all the folders on your hosting, to restore the default folders/settings, go to section "System backups" - click on "Re-create account folders".
In this way, you can restore the account's system folders.
You need to upload your site (after recreating the folders) to the /domains/domain/public_html/ section.

Is CURL enabled on the hosting?

Yes, CURL is enabled on all tariff plans.

How do you bring your website to us?

Для переноса сайта с другого хостинга или своего компьютера к нам, инструкция: 1) Вам необходимо скопировать все файлы своего сайта, в папку домена на хостинге /domains/домен/public_html/ 2) После копировании файлов, необходимо импортировать базу данных к нам, инструкция 3) Прописать правильный доступ к базе данных, в файле конфигурации скрипта. А так же изменить путь в конфигурации скрипта на новый (если требуется).

A virus on the website? Cleaning the site from viruses.

If you find suspicious files or viruses on your site. Check out the instructions and advice on how to clean the site of viruses


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