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Frequently Asked Questions/ FAQ

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How do I create a MySQL database?

Instructions on how to create a database in DirectAdmin

How to import a MySQL database?

Instructions on how to import the database

How to export a MySQL database?

Instructions on how to export the database

How do I edit the database or log in to PhpMyAdmin?

You can edit the database in PhpMyAdmin. Instructions on how to enter PhpMyAdmin

How do I connect remotely to the database?

To connect to the database remotely, specify the server IP address as the server to connect to in your script. Before doing so, add your IP address from which the connection will be whitelisted

Does the website say database connection error?

Check that the data for connecting to the database is correct. The database user data must be specified in order for the script to work with the database, example login_user If you have forgotten the database login and password, recover a new password, instructions

If the database is not displayed correctly after import?

Try importing the base using the well-known Super Dumper script

After importing the database, is the text in question marks or unknown characters?

Try importing the base using the well-known Super Dumper script Instructions

CREATE DATABASE error when importing the database?

Open the database sql file on your computer in notepad, delete the line (at the beginning of the sql file): CREATE DATABASE `base name` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET cp1251 COLLATE cp1251_general_ci; Or, if you have another encoding, for example utf8, remove this line: CREATE DATABASE `base name` DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_general_ci;

What server should I specify to connect to the MySQL database?

For scripts: The server to connect to the database from the hosting must be specified as localhost To connect remotely (for example, from a computer): The server for remote connection to the database must be specified as IP address of the hosting server. Hosting IP address - specified in the account activation letter. Before connecting remotely add your computer's IP address to the allowed ones

How do I change the encoding of the mysql database in PhpMyAdmin?

To change the encoding, select the database in PhpMyAdmin, under Operations, select the desired encoding to compare.

How do I create a MySQL database in PhpMyAdmin?

You can create a new database only in the hosting control panel, under Manage MySQL - Create Database. Instructions in pictures


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